How to Catch a Cheating Partner

Catch a cheating husband, cheating wife or cheating spouse. Cheaters beware, your days to cheat are numbered

'How to catch a cheating partner'. A step by step book that shows you the best ways to 'expose a cheating spouses infidelity'


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PLEASE, DO NOT CONTINUE READING THIS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT TO Catch a Husband Cheating, Wife Cheating, Cheating Boyfriend or Cheating Girlfriend 




 Unsure, not exactly 100 percent or are suspecting your partner is cheating on you??                        


Fed up with the lies and torment from a cheating partner? The pain and frustration, that the one you have invested your time in with has turned around and thrown it all away and cheated. 

Do not feel ashamed, you are not alone!

Read on and we will put an end to your partner's cheating.


It seems more and more these days, that both men and women, are asking me how to get solid proof of there husbands cheating or wife's cheating with someone unknown.




It may come as a surprise, but when you have the right knowledge in place, you can ask the right questions, that leave no room for an alternate answer, which will expose a cheating spouse once and for all.                                                                  

Who can produce more reliable evidence to catch a cheating partner than you can?


Answer; Nobody!!! 


That's right, there's only one person who can provide factual, real and rock solidevidence, that when confronted by a cheating partner leaves a one way street answer. Even when using a private investigator you cant be sure there actuallytracking your cheating spouse, as video's and photo's are unfortunately easily able to be manipulated. Would you pay for that? 


Chapter listing and description

 Can you handle the truth ofinfidelity? Find out exactly where you stand. This is the most important question to ask, is yourpartner having an affair
 The importance of body language with a cheating spouse I will show you how to read someones body language and predict there motives. I do this as you must be able to know your being told the truth for when you confront your cheating partner
 Signs that you have a cheating partner Thoroughly explained. The exact signs you need to pick up on to find out if your partner is cheating
 Become a human polygraphThese tips will turn you into a human polygraph, teaching you to decode everything your partner says or does and expose the affair.
 The awkward pause Master this technique and you could catch your cheating partner with just one question
 What type of affair is your cheater having? Not all affairs are the secret stereotypical lunchtime rendezvous or late night booty calls. Many affairs don't even involve sex.
 The likely suspects All cases of infidelity are not the same. There isn?t one particular place that all cheating spousesgo. But, there are some common findings in regard to who people are most likely to cheat with and where it most often happens. Knowing these can help you narrow things down or give you some direction
 Gender Specificcheating spousetactics Learn every tactic that both men and women use to disguise there cheating.
 Every cheating partnermakes this mistake Whether your spouse is cheating for the very first time or has been a serial cheater all along, the fact is that every cheat makes the same fundamental mistake
 Surveillance This undercover surveillance guide is the most comprehensive out there
 Set up a decoy There is a gap while interrogating your partner about there affair where you need to set up a decoy. Learn the precise moment to act and the best methods to use



                                          Catch a cheating partner


With this book you will;


    • Know the signs to look for if your partner is cheating or having an affair
    • Understand, and use the covert methods of surveillance on a cheating spouse
    • Find out your who your partner is cheating with
    • Implement a strategy to confront your cheating partner and there adulterer
    • Figure out a cheating partner's body language
    • How to gather evidence verbally about an affair
    • How to strategically use that evidence to expose a partners infidelity
    • Figure out there hidden agenda and why they had the affair
    • Learn how to keep a low profile while gathering the evidence to expose your partners infidelity
    • Understand a cheating partner's thought process
    • Set a mock scenario to confront a cheating spouse
    • Key notes to look for in a cheater
Even though I don't condone hacking, I do go into detail in the following area's as each persons experiences with there cheating partner is unique 


 Expose a partners infidelity guide


You will also learn;


    • Spy tools that are available to help catch your cheating partner
    • Reliable spy tools to track a cheating partners outings
    • What tools are available to spy on a cheating spouses cell phone
    • How to find tools to hack a cheating partners social networking site, Hotmail, etc
    • How to use internet explorer to uncover recent browsing history to see who your partner is having an online affair with
    • How to use Firefox to uncover recent browsing history about apartners affair


 So many people have thanked me for my help, I am grateful to be able to provide them with the right tools to stop this problem that is running so rampant in this world today.


 Put an end to your partner's lies and expose a spouses affair, today! Get the answers you need.

This book continuously sells copies for one reason IT WORKS!









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  • "Your book did what you said it would, it gave me a means and a way of getting him to confess. Because it was a PDF i was able to password protect it, which was good as my ex use..."
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  • "I never thought i would be able to find a guide that had methods that work. They helped me find a better partner. I feel so much better now that i have met someone who treats me..."
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